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Friday, 6 July 2018


Our schedule are totally packed with practical session in this sem . But its enjoyable because it makes us feel like a real optometrist already XD

We had learnt on how to do basic eye check-up (entrance test) and identify eye's power manually (subjective refraction) . I wish i can do the subjective refraction to each of my family's member *confident tu ade walaupun OSPE haritu cam hareyy*

Lab partner , abang khalisa . The 1st person to diagnosed my Hyperope  O_O

The lab practically become our second home . 

Experiencing Presbyope (Old sightedness) on 1 eye for about a week is surely unforgetable ~

Our retina eye model which is Fatimah's idea *applause*

Moving on ..... Our significant role as 1st year student is to handle the Annual Grand Dinner (AGD) for all IIUM Optometry's students + lecturers + staffs . We had been busy preparing for this big event since sem 1 *wipe sweat*

I was in charged for the sponsorship . Basically had to approach companies to sponsor our event . Tbh , it was a very tough scope of role because i feel very guilty when the amount did not reached the target . But ... Its not like i can beg for the sponsor . 

Still ... Alhamdulillah the sponsorship managed to cover quite a big expenses for this dinner . May all the companies that helped us in completing this event blessed by Allah SWT. We cant achieve our goals without people like you . 

And also THANK YOU for all my fellow classmates for the efforts and time contributed in driving this event . Alone we can do so little , together we can do so much *gituhh*

Sushi air tangan kiteorg . Nasib baik ade bekas juara masterchef Fatimah and Syu . 

Quote cards for the goodies . All the words and doodles were chosen by me *i ciplak dari quora and google je*

Stunning . *padan laa dgn harga yg mahai*

Our honorable sponsor for the dinner .

Scrumptious cupcakes sponsored by Kula Cakes .

Quite serabai sobab anak tudung den ghaib dlm bilik hotel kecik tempat kami 30 org bersiap *sodihh*

Optometry family <3

Alaa kena friendzone ngan Zia ...

Takpe ai ade khalisa ..

End of dinner series .

 Beloved room maids 

Blackpink 2.0

I still cant wink properly *even after practising it many times for the retinoscopy*

Kenduri kawin ain .. Eh . I mean , akak ain :P

Wait ! Ada lagi haa gambar masa dinner tu tersesat kat bawah ni . Malas laa nk pindah ke atas ......................................

Oreo .. My baby


Saturday, 23 June 2018

EID 18

We celebrated the 1st Eid in my dad's hometown , Kelantan *as usual* . There's problem with water supply but Alhamdulillah we managed to survive cause we kind of expect and be prepared of it . We went to Perak on second Eid *mom's hometown* . 

We finally had our own theme :D *I actually suggest pink .. lololol*

Family potrait . Spot my tokmek the one in the middle with red scarf .

It takes like hour before we barely make it to snap this *struggle with the set-up bcs there's no tripod*

Acne-free for Eid is a fail for me . T.T

Why i cant do the OOTD photos like other 

Lighting on point

When your mom wear shawl better than you *gasp*

At Sungai Atas Sungai

Muka cover gayat

Judging Adib dancing to Dame tu cosita

The water is freaking colddd *Lata Tebing Tinggi*

By the way , Happy Eid to all Muslims . Please forgive all my wrongdoings and silly mistakes . There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love <3

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Taaruf Week In IIUMK

The 3 days 2 nights taaruf (read:orientation) week was so fullllll of activities and talk and talk and talk and talk .............. 
Tudung putih which is our enemy

The food during taaruf week is free and very sodap .... But my ulser was jealous about it 

Freezing in the OCD hall

Taaruf week is where u will only have 3 hours to sleep 

And where u have to be fast in everything (waking up, shower, que for bus, eating, etc)

Cultural night saves our taaruf program #TaweKu TaweMu Jua .. Chia3


And u will sleep during the talk .... And when u wake up , its already another speaker on the stage . *Sejuk takley bincang dlm OCD .. abes bibir kering + pecah*

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Lang Langkawi

Went to Langkawi for the first time in our life during my midsem break . Our car broke down during half of our journey which is in Jeli . So , we have to continue our journey from there by bus . It was our very 1st time to ride bus together . Luckily , i can sleep soundly in the bus . ZzZZZZzzz
Spend our nights in this homestay

Fall in love with this view

The windstruck during the boat riding makes us sleepy

I forgot the name of this pulau . There are so many monkeys there *dashi run run run*

The answer to why i got burn severely ..

Obviously im not good in photographing TT

Kesian matedib nk gambar ngan helang tapi nampak bontot helang ja XD

Queuing for the cable car *Dunno if my face is glowing or oily*

Sibuk laaa matdib 

I think more than half of the visitors are foreigners

Not gayat team .

Another failure of my photography skill to show the majestic view from the top of cable car
Felt like we were being grilled up there
Lighting no good


Senyum sambil teringat midsem exam + ikod + assignments + presentation + lab report

My foundation + lipstick laterally gone after fighting with the heat and sweat

Tiga lipa

* awkward awkward *

Testing the fish eye

Apart from having carsick , i also have seasick *whats wrong with me*

Nuuuuuuuurrrrr kasih ... Aahahaha

Its a war in my university after the midsem break with tons of things to be settle . Hmmmm .........Taknak hingat laaaa .