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Saturday, 31 December 2016


Imma make a rough tour about my beloved cfs in Gambang . Although it is located a bit far from the town , we are blessed with the beauty of nature around us in this green campus . Let me remind u something . U better bring along your sweater especially in this winter rainy season ! Its freezing in Gambang . Lol . I was shivering to my bone cause i never bother to bring my sweater beforehand cause i thought that i need to atleast overcome this Gambang cold before i fly to Korea . K ........

Here's some things u should know about the IIUM CFS in Gambang . Its actually still under constructions . There's only 2 buildings that are opened for us which are the admin building *our class* and the mahallah al-biruni *our dorm* . I think mahallah al-biruni is actually the biggest and luxurious mahallah in here . Mollaseo.

And yes my dear , u cant tresspassing or even approach other building cause they are still under construction . Even the stadium that is right in front of our mahallah is not open yet . But actually ................ my sassy roomates and I had already tresspassing the forbidden area several times without being caught/fined . Muahahaha . We went jogging strolling while clearing our eyes with the view of the new buildings . Cant help ourselves cause we are too curious about those buildings . *nappeun yeoja*

Oki . Enough with my babbling . Here comes my 'not so' breathtaking photo art . Sorry not sorry .

Our home .

Side view .

Entrance .

 ~ ROOM : Its 4 person per room . 

p/s : and yes sister , if you get a room that's facing the brothers block , u cant open your window/curtain freely . *nak skodeng sekejap boleh kot . KOT !*

The compartment .

Your bestfriend .

The study board is quite spacious !

The rack is almost empty cause sem 2 is the BEST sem ever !

Wardrobe .

This is taken when my laundry was abandon by me . Thats why its quite empty . The truth .... my clothes ... fill almost all the possible area there :p

Your secret place to store your food . Lol

*Around mahallah :

The dobby which cause a lot of unwanted drama for the sister >< 

Neomu yeppuda !

*Outside world :

p.s : All the pictures below is the building that are not opened yet .

Thats all . Sori for my low quality of photographing cause some of the photos were taken while i was on the bus . Ahaha

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Goodbye Scarlet Heart :(

Just finished watching the last episode of Scarlet Heart : Ryeo with my omma just now . Aigooo ... So here i am ... eagerly want to share what this drama had done to my life !! *wiping my tears*

* My eyes got burn cause all the cast of this drama are such baeeeee .. My favourite ... Kang Ha Neul Dalyeonghaji . Although his character is actually quite a hateful person .

Image result for scarlet heart ryeo
Where can i find at least one of them ? Loooool

So ...... people DO change .

* had a whale of time reading the comments for each episode at the kiss asian .
 They are soooo mainstream . Let me copy some of my favourite comments . Teeeheeee . 

HOLY FIRETRUCK (nct plays in bg of comment) IM SO EXCITED WTF THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME BC IM SUCH AN IU STAN FRICK ME UP RN (actually im a kpop idol stan those lil kids work hella hard mad respect)
ALL THE MALE CAST IM FUCKIGN DO U KNOW HOW MANY YEARS I HAVE WAITED AND WATCHED THE PREVIEWS how will i survive frick frack paddy whack just kill me tbh
ji soo my pupper, baekhyun (omg i accidentally wrote chanyeol wtf), joon gi who looks hella in historical costumes, and kang ha neul who has been ruining ships before it was cool

lowkey can i be iu tho wtf girl live for us all


IU isn't nearly as grateful as I would be if I was swept away from my problems and into another time surrounded by handsome princes. I'm looking into when the next eclipse is happening and I'm gonna jump into the nearest body of water and pray. And can I just live in that cave directly behind the princes bathing area?

If I had not met SHR, I would not yearn for it. 
If I did not know it, I would not think of it so much. 
If I did not decided to watch it,my sanity wouldn’t have to disappear. 
If I did not treasure it so much, I wouldn’t have so many memories. 
If I did not love SHR… I wouldn’t need to throw my heart away. 
If we had not been face-to-face, we would have never been together. 

If i had never watched the first episode, i wouldn’t have to cry over you, my heart wouldn't hurt this much

#COPYPASTE via kissasian

*The OST are all daebak . It suits the scene perfectly that sometimes will give u goosebump . #Willbeback-Im Sun Hae.

* All IU and princess yeon hwa dress will make u jealous cause they are tooooo pretty . I want one of the dress as my baju raye jebal !!

Image result for iu scarlet heart

Image result for iu scarlet heart
This dress suit belle the best .

*U will cry like a loser if u have a tissue heart like me . Lol . The episode where Eun died was the one that made me choked on my own tears . 

Image result for scarlet heart ryeo funny
My mom kept asking me why his brother killed him while i was holding back my tears . lol

Image result for lee joon gi
Anyeong uri wolf dog !

Image result for scarlet heart ryeo funny
See u in season 2 .... ><

And now im hooked by aother drama . Sweet stranger and me cause i need a comedic drama to heal my soul .

Image result for sweet stranger and meImage result for seoul daeul
Dont they kinda resemble one another ?

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


So here's what i had promised .. Some ordinary pictures with extraordinary story . Acecece .... Here we go ........
A teary last class with Madam Nawal :'( ... She's our 'mak' in CFS <3

With Dr. Rohaizaf . Our Arab lecturer from Kelantan :D

Our math master . Whyyy so cuteeee madam ..? ^^

Short sister visiting her sick tall sister ><


Khazilian dinner with our fellow , Madam Kamaril <3

Photoshoot before we run to catch the bus !

The must selfie port in our hisbah :)

Tresspassing the stadium :3

Rindu budak ni T_T *so suddenly*

Our escape to Gambang waterpark . 

Our face burn terukly .....

With my psycho roomates .:p

#Team8thprince ?

Our 'keep calm' faces ..

SNOW goes wrong . Puahahaahaha

Thats all about my sem 1 in CFS . Let me tell u some facts .. There's 2 days in a week where my class begin at 8 and end at 6 with only 1 hour break *for zohor* . Even our madam said that we all look like sayur already . Haha . 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Wook Wook Wook

I've been willing to make a post about my super hectic sem 1 in CFS IIUM but ................ my phone suddenly had a few problems so I cannot post the pictures here . U know , i actually not that good in making an essay about my sem 1 so im just planning to show some pictures with a brief caption . Hoho .

Btw , im hooked to scarlet heart ryeo . Like frik frek badabim badaboom ...... i think its the best drama that i have ever watch !!! And yes ... the 2nd lead syndrome is killing me T_T . Why Kang Haneul ...??? Why r u doing this to me ??? Stop seducing us jebal :p

Image result for kang ha neul

Image result for kang ha neul
Its ok if Hae Soo does not ends up him cause im here ! Lol *pick up line hambar*

p/s : pray for my phone T_T