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Thursday, 31 March 2016


HE loves u .

Silent is a weapon too .



Amin :')


Pictures from ig .... Tenkiu

Wajadiri 2016


Penonton je ^^

Saturday, 12 March 2016


Sori kalu ade x terangkat , terbls wasap hampa . My henpon is gone T_T . 

I'm dont really want to talk about my phone . I want to talk about #exoluxioninmalaysia . Ommo ommo . Untung ler chu olls boley pegi . Ai duk perhati je chu olls kt twitter ni .

Me looking at those tweets .

Fanboy sharing umbrella to a fangirl
even he don't know her .

*singing love rain ost .. salang salang salang ...*

Thursday, 3 March 2016


Alhamdulillah . Yesterday was quite a long day . Simptom2 sbelom nk pi skolah tuu mcm2 laa kan . Sakit perot la , pening lalat la , x lalu nk mkn laa etc . So yeah , the SPM result for this year had merudum sikit . Kiteorg jwb addmth dgn petir and ribut tau . Mcm dlm horror movie tu .

Anyway , congrate chingu chingu . Allah knows the best for us . Indeed , Allah is the best planner . When u succeed , u earn something . When u fail , u learn something . Think +ve okeng . 

S Y U K R A N :)
- My family that always stand by me .

- Friends for sharing sharing your ilmu . 

- Teahyunnie that always bullies me and buat lawak hahahambarrrr . Cheer up k ! 
Hapa ni mak . Org duk ingat mak yg nk amik result ><

Kasi chance laa sis nk posing ni . Still cant believe we r leaving high school . Huwoo

Gmbaq x kena mengena .

How every one of us feel