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Thursday, 26 May 2016

My Mini Room Tour .

*knock knock*
At my bedroom door . I forget what its actually means . LOL *definitely not a curse word k*

I just hang my bags at the door since my room is not that spacious .

Emm . Not a bed but just a mattress bcs i never really sleeps in my own room . *scaredy-cat people problem*

This chingu sleeps there . Kawaiiii

Ajet2 artistik . Puahahahah

Just started my skincare slps di ceramah olh dr.teah

 I will be bash by my bro if i wear that bunny headband .

Saving money to buy more books .

My ahjumma clothes .

Tadaaa . My room has a big hole that can bring me to my oppa land . Hoho

Keychain collection . My rival is petai .

After 11 years of school life , these are the only medals that i ever got T_T . Told ya , im a passive person . *potato*

My mom will scream if she see this mess . 

After 5 months of abandoning them . Sebenaqnya byk pen2 tuu dah abis dakwat and dah slamat masok tong smpah .

The view . Im not a very good photographer tbh

My study table . Its just a small foldable table . 

I just wrote some random/simple hangul and my family think im an expert in hangul . HAHA

I wonder how much i will earn if i sell this .

Monday, 16 May 2016

Back to school .

Today , 16th May 2016 , i finally went to my primary school again after 5 years ! Huwaaaaaa . I cant describe the feeling . It felt like im finally back to my second home . Acececece .

Btw , TERIMA KASIH BANYAK2 CIKGU sbb layan kiteorg mcm vvip takdi . Part plg daebak mase naik pentas . Loooooohhhhhh . X tau la pasaipa adik2 semua excited sgt teput tgn siap sorak lg . Ahahha . Perasan retis kejap ><

Alhamdulillah . Dpt jmpa , salam , pelok2 cikgu kesayangan takdi . Terkezzzuut jugak tgk cikgu2 takdi . Then i realised , i had left that school for 5 years . Some of the teachers still recognise my face . Weeeheeeee . And some of them were like ' Emmm , muka awk saye ingat tapi name awk saye lupe ' . Hehe . Its alright cikguu :'D

And the most awkward moment was when some of teachers asked us ... Dah kawin ke ?
Ommo ommo *blushing* . Kiteorg baru je abis SPM cikgu ><

With our sasaeng fans . AHAHAH

With 'shy shy cat' adiks

Tengoh jalan pon takpo

With my forever young science teacher , Cikgu Marzilatun .

Part II

Abang dan kakak kawasan :D

Alhamdulillah for today . Btw ,

Hepi cikgu day to all my beloved teachers . And to whoever yg ade share ilmu dgn sye . Kihkih  .

Singgah pasti pulak lps pi skolah lama cheq .

Lps cheq ckp nk tngkap gambaq ja trus depa diam and blari pelok2 tengkuk cheq . 

Oki laa . Thats all for today . 

p/s : Alhamdulillah for my upu result :')

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Fangirl Mode : KNK

warning : just my fangirl things . 

Its all started when i watched their debut mv entittled knock . Their debut song is sooooooo epic but i love it . Even the choreo seems weird for the 1st time but its actually fits the song well . The choreo is unique too . Hansome guys doing some sort of kingkong moves . kkkkkkk

Why so serious ? 

From the mv , they potray the image of bad guy very well . But in real life , they are just bunch of good looking dorks . Ehehe

Let me introduce them one by one ..

1. Park Seungjun *slender visual*



kikikiyomi . LOL

I get full just by watching him eating . kkk

By the way , seungjun never read my comment during the live v-app although i had comment like 10000000 times just to steal his attention . I think he never read the english comments . Sob sob .

2.  Kim Ji Hun *kimchi leader*

I love seeing him doing the 'rawwrrrrr' thing . He mostly do it to seungjun . Boyaaa

3. Oh Hee Jun *talented maknae*

He actually resemble L infinite a bit .

His voice ^^

4. Jeong In Seong *forever noisy*

1st impression : Serious guy with powerful voice . High notes killer .

But he actually the noisiest . Everytime he laugh I have to lower down my speaker . Lol .   I dont know maybe it is the curse in kpop or something that the main vocalist is always the noisiest one *baekhyun , chen , daesung , hongki ,etc*

5.  Kim Youjin *omma of the group*

I thought he was dongwoo's brother .

I thought that he would be the charimastic rapper but he actually got a very sweet voice .

I think they are currently the tallest idol group in korea bcs all of them are above 180cm . Heol . But thats not really the reason why i stan them . There's actually many reasons why i happened to like them like their humour sense . U can watch them on v app . My 1st video of them on v-app was them doing the guess my body challenge . I never thought that i would laugh alone like a crazy person in the middle night watching them . They are all quick-witted . Ommo

Their voice are daebak too . I was kind of worried when i watched them singing live in radio show bcs their veins seemed like they will popped out from their neck . ><

I really hope that they wont be under rated bcs they all are equally talented in both singing , dancing and the bonus point is their variety skill . I'll be waiting for their comeback eagerly . hwaiting . hoho .

from : malaysian tinkerbell :p

p/s : just recently download v-app bcs of them .

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Knock Knock

Last week my makngah and my sister's chingu came to our house ..... :D
Loitering by the river .

Tried the rollerblade and luckily did not hurt myself . Huuuh . Maybe im too heavy for that T_T