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Saturday, 2 July 2016


Alhamdulillah . Come back home safe and sound yesterday :) 

Just nk blanje gambaq ja sbb takdak idea dah nk ckp hape .

Btw , that tittle may accurately define me and my classmates *although we are not AED students* . Guess what .. out of my roomates , my schedule is the most pack one because im not exempted from both , English and Arabic class . So there's 2 days in a week where my class begin at 8 and finish at 6 .

Time taaruf week dulu laa my student life is well organised . Tidoq awai bangkit awai . Basoh baju 2 hari skali *basoh tangan k sbb mls beratoq pjg nunggu mesin basuh* . And .....the crucial moment begin the moment our class started . Act , i slept early than my roomates but still , its not enough for me bcs im actually a sleeping beauty . Kadang2 bangun tidoq awai2 tapi aku TERRRRRtidoq smula and ......... terlepas sahur . No need to mention how barely i do the laundry bcs i felt soooooo exhausted and feel like im going to lose weight which i really do ^^ . 

We are G679 . *half zombie half human*

Panaih lit lit time ni .

Ok this is so random but this is what actually happen if you try to selfie in a rapid bus . 

So yes kids , you will have to be sardin to go to class . Sardin pon sardin la drpd jln jauh2 tgh panas bln posa ni . Be grateful kids .