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Tuesday, 18 October 2016


So here's what i had promised .. Some ordinary pictures with extraordinary story . Acecece .... Here we go ........
A teary last class with Madam Nawal :'( ... She's our 'mak' in CFS <3

With Dr. Rohaizaf . Our Arab lecturer from Kelantan :D

Our math master . Whyyy so cuteeee madam ..? ^^

Short sister visiting her sick tall sister ><


Khazilian dinner with our fellow , Madam Kamaril <3

Photoshoot before we run to catch the bus !

The must selfie port in our hisbah :)

Tresspassing the stadium :3

Rindu budak ni T_T *so suddenly*

Our escape to Gambang waterpark . 

Our face burn terukly .....

With my psycho roomates .:p

#Team8thprince ?

Our 'keep calm' faces ..

SNOW goes wrong . Puahahaahaha

Thats all about my sem 1 in CFS . Let me tell u some facts .. There's 2 days in a week where my class begin at 8 and end at 6 with only 1 hour break *for zohor* . Even our madam said that we all look like sayur already . Haha . 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Wook Wook Wook

I've been willing to make a post about my super hectic sem 1 in CFS IIUM but ................ my phone suddenly had a few problems so I cannot post the pictures here . U know , i actually not that good in making an essay about my sem 1 so im just planning to show some pictures with a brief caption . Hoho .

Btw , im hooked to scarlet heart ryeo . Like frik frek badabim badaboom ...... i think its the best drama that i have ever watch !!! And yes ... the 2nd lead syndrome is killing me T_T . Why Kang Haneul ...??? Why r u doing this to me ??? Stop seducing us jebal :p

Image result for kang ha neul

Image result for kang ha neul
Its ok if Hae Soo does not ends up him cause im here ! Lol *pick up line hambar*

p/s : pray for my phone T_T