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Saturday, 31 December 2016


Imma make a rough tour about my beloved cfs in Gambang . Although it is located a bit far from the town , we are blessed with the beauty of nature around us in this green campus . Let me remind u something . U better bring along your sweater especially in this winter rainy season ! Its freezing in Gambang . Lol . I was shivering to my bone cause i never bother to bring my sweater beforehand cause i thought that i need to atleast overcome this Gambang cold before i fly to Korea . K ........

Here's some things u should know about the IIUM CFS in Gambang . Its actually still under constructions . There's only 2 buildings that are opened for us which are the admin building *our class* and the mahallah al-biruni *our dorm* . I think mahallah al-biruni is actually the biggest and luxurious mahallah in here . Mollaseo.

And yes my dear , u cant tresspassing or even approach other building cause they are still under construction . Even the stadium that is right in front of our mahallah is not open yet . But actually ................ my sassy roomates and I had already tresspassing the forbidden area several times without being caught/fined . Muahahaha . We went jogging strolling while clearing our eyes with the view of the new buildings . Cant help ourselves cause we are too curious about those buildings . *nappeun yeoja*

Oki . Enough with my babbling . Here comes my 'not so' breathtaking photo art . Sorry not sorry .

Our home .

Side view .

Entrance .

 ~ ROOM : Its 4 person per room . 

p/s : and yes sister , if you get a room that's facing the brothers block , u cant open your window/curtain freely . *nak skodeng sekejap boleh kot . KOT !*

The compartment .

Your bestfriend .

The study board is quite spacious !

The rack is almost empty cause sem 2 is the BEST sem ever !

Wardrobe .

This is taken when my laundry was abandon by me . Thats why its quite empty . The truth .... my clothes ... fill almost all the possible area there :p

Your secret place to store your food . Lol

*Around mahallah :

The dobby which cause a lot of unwanted drama for the sister >< 

Neomu yeppuda !

*Outside world :

p.s : All the pictures below is the building that are not opened yet .

Thats all . Sori for my low quality of photographing cause some of the photos were taken while i was on the bus . Ahaha