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Sunday, 3 September 2017


Its 2d1n extrabasic's family day in Sumai , Terengganu . 

Upon checking in the Sumai Hotel Apartment , we rush to the swimming pool . Its an indoor swimming pool and the water is fricking cold . I literally shivering in the pool ~~

That night ... we had a full course dinner . Its my 1st time for such thing so i like it !

Appetizer as the 1st dish . Matedib was badmood cause he dont like it . Kuang kuang kuang .

Unfortunately , this is the only food that i snap cause i was very hungry and literally forget to snap photos of other food . The regretion hits me .

2nd dish : Mushroom soup with garlic breads *The soup is masyisseoyo!*
3rd dish : Beef steak *its actually a bit liat that i was struggling to cut and chew it*
Last dish : The mango as the the dessert . *i dont like sour thing so no comment *

We have a game and quiz throughout the dinner . And hoorayy .. i dont win a single thing cause i was so clumsy during the very last question of the quiz . 

Muka2 kekeyangan dan taa shabarr nk zzzz .

Eomma hates this picture cause it looks too formal .

My new favourite tudung . Thanks petaiiii . Hidup petaiiii <3

On the next morning , we woke up early to catch on the breakfast and to play telecharger by the beach . We played the bowling kelapa , sambut bola pingpong , sambut belon air , musical chair and soccer for the boys .

The 'need some sleep' faces .

During the breakfast . Everyone looks like a ghost .

After checking out on 12pm and having our lunch , we rush for our next activity which is river cruise . 

Feeling dead sleepy waiting for the boat .

And finally slept on the boat .

Spot Ecah who was stalking the boys . AHAHA

Fall asleep again . Im soriiiii

Much better .

And our last activity is to go sightseeing in the mosque monuments park . I forgot the name . 

This saves us . I think my leg will cry if we have to walk there .

Thats just me trying out my photoghraphy skill . How is it ?? wateberrr

Although its such a hectic family day that our legs feels like breaking apart , it was such a sweet memory . Im still waiting for the day when the family day will be held in Jejudo to come *sings impossible*


Lemme show u around the CFS IIUM in PJ .


Its located in the middle of city and only takes around 10 mins to go to Midvalley .

I enjoyed seeing the lights in night cause its my very first time to live in such big city . Lololol .. I have brainwash my friends several times to go eating in cambodia hospital with me . Dunno why but i just had a feel that theres some nice food there ~ *Sadly , i never went there*
Beautiful IIUM logo's fountain

SMAWP building a.k.a our classroom .It is pronunced as 'SMAWIP' but i pronouce it as 'SMOP' when i first see it . Kekeke

The lab building .

The lift seem very old

But still ... using the stairs is no no no *potato*

The pathway to our mahallah . We have to walk across the field while enjoying the view of the brothers playing football . Eh


I was being deceived on the registeration day . I thought my room was on the 4th floor but nooooooooooo , its on the 5th !! Im so done

My bed but later i changed with Kak Muni cause im too scared to sleep alone in the corner . lol

The ceiling fell right onto my bed when i was sleeping on my friend's bed . 

So ... if i was sleeping there perhaps it will fall onto my face or could have gotten into my eyes ?? Indeed .. Allah's plan is the best .

After the repair .. *and not to forget i have to meet the principal personally just bcs .... tenenenet . just lemme forget it* *husnudzon*

Friday, 18 August 2017

Hello Kitty

I actually never really have any kind of attraction to animal since i was a kid . Even the cat was deadass cute , i will still never lay my hands on them cause im too scared . Whattt .... Sometimes , I cant understand myself too .

But its not that case with M I K O . The one and only cat that i can touch , hug and play with . We actually raised it since he was a baby . So .. the bond between us kinda strengthen . I think ...

Orange cat is my favourite . *every cats is adorbs in their own way*

Belly alert !! 

His sleeping pose kinda reminds me of a baby in a womb . Kkk

A living doll .



So in conclusion we really love to snap his sleeping pose .

Miko was admitted to the ward last week bcs of his kidney stones and diarrhea T_T

Alhamdulillah he's back and healthy now ... He lost so much weight ! 

These are Kutam's kids but they passed away shortly after their birth .