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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Sem 2 Boombayah ! [ CFS ]

Here's the summary of my sem 2 : 

With our pretty chemistry's madam <3 

My sassy roomates <3
Me and my lover , kuey tiow kungfu :D

Macehhhh sbb selalu buli titewww

The supermoon phenomenon from our room .

Hasil seni my noona . Nasib x kena saman V_V

My sweet classmates

Got our makeup done yet still be looking like we dont wear any makeup . Thats our hidden talent !

Blackpink in ur areaaaaaa

And .... the thing that i treasure the most in sem 2 would be ......... my schedule . Alhamdulillah . Its not crazily packed as my sem 1 . Got time to breath . Its like a honeymoon for me and my classmates . Got quite an enough rest so our mood are more stable . Lol

And this holiday .. as usual i will plays the role as housewife housedaughter :P

Hang tunggu aku kat keyyel . Siap sedia nak belanja aku tau .

p/s : deleting my twitter cause its too krik krik there . trololol