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Monday, 24 July 2017


Some throwback  ~

Teah's driving give me nightmare and headache

The day where i was so clumsy and lots of incidents happened ... *sigh*
With our beloved homeroom teacher , ustazah Fazila

Thanks for coming <3  p/s : why on earth my face looks so bloated 

Photoshoot in Ayuni's house

Muka2 bahagia cuti panjang ..

Trying to send signal to oppa in Busan . Lulls

Ajet2 model semua .. 

That one time u got to walk in school looking like u have fully grown up when the truth is you still got scolded by mum for staying up late watching drama .

Lets pray for Teah's height ...

At least being the only one in baju kurung got me to be the center :p

Teacher's day <3
Biology feat chemistry :)

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