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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Drama review : DUEL

Tittle : Duel (Korean drama obviously)
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Synopsis :
This thriller drama is about a detective who gets tangled up in a shocking incident after meeting a human clone. They will have to battle each other to survive. 

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Episodes : 16 *only ?? T_T*

My thoughts :

- I've already bookmarked this drama since i first saw the teaser cause Yang Se Jong . Lol . Cant resist his look cause i have such a poor weak heart :P
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- Despite being a rookie actor , Yang Se Jong actually had briliantly potrayed his characters . He slayed all 3 characters to the point that you will never feel all 3 characters was actually only from 1 person . Im really gonna freak out if he doesn't get the rookie award this year .

- Ooo wait . I forgot to mention this . Thriller drama is not really my type cause i hate watching someone got hurt *hemophobic problem* . But seriously , i got hooked on this drama cause each episode literally gave me goosebump and amazed by the cinematography .

- The plot is really excellent and realistic *except for the clone things* . U know i really hate a cliche drama whiere i can already predict the storyline and the ending of the story . But this drama left me clueless , confused and dying to know the ending . 

- And sorry no sorry girls ... this drama has zero romantic fantasy love story . No cringy things ..... No sweet oppa for you . Just a love story between a siblings and also between parent and their child ... 

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They are long lost brother . Their past is so tragic cause they are the victims of the loser powerful people .

- The ending is ...... how do i say it . Its bittersweet . You know ... a very realistic one . Its somehow left a wound on my heart cause of how the people were so unfair towards the main characters .

And lastly ...................

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Im so sad over the fact that Sunghoon had always being alone when he's being constantly hurt . He was all by himself facing those cruel and heartless people since he was kid . Thats why he grew up to be such an aggresive human being .

Meanwhile for Sungjoon *Sunghoon's brother* ... Although he's constantly being beaten up and mistaken as the kidnapper ,

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Image result for duel korean drama

At least .......

He always have someone by his side .
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Loneliness is when you have nobody to say that you are lonely ...

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Its ok sung hoon . u have me ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ kk


Btw , looking forward for Yang Se Jong's new drama/movie . Yehet

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